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Why groom my dog?

There are two basic reasons for dog grooming:

1.)  The good health of the pet (medical).  It is healthy because dogs with long, thick, curly or double coats can mat so much that no air gets through to the skin.  They can have burrs, bits of twigs, dirt and a variety of parasites.  Also, because if we see a dog on a regular basis, we can check that it's eyes, ears, teeth and anal sacs look and are functioning as they should.

2.)  The good looks of the pet (cosmetic).  Well groomed pets are aestheticaly pleasing to their owners and often receive much more attention as a consequence.

How often should a dog be groomed?

Breeds with curly coats or hair that grows and tangles should be groomed every four to six weeks.  Other breeds should be groomed as needed, keeping watchful care on the nails and ears.  Our pets get groomed frequently as they are the most pampered.

How often should a dog’s nails be trimmed?

This varies with each dog.  The growth is much like the human nails, some grow fast and some get filed naturally with frequent walks on cement.  The main purpose of toenail clipping is to help prevent lameness or deformity of the dog’s foot from the length and curling of unkept nails.  Lengthy toenails often lead to splayed (unnaturally spread) toes and feet on a dog which are unsightly, uncomfortable, and if neglected long enough, not correctable.

How often should a dog’s teeth be cleaned?

Most pets require teeth cleaning every 6 months on the average.  However, some pets may need more frequent teeth cleaning.  We will inform you at the time of cleaning.

Does ear hair have to be removed, doesn’t it hurt the dog?

Ear cleansing by a proficient dog groomer can truly aid in the reduction of many types of ear trouble.  If the dog has ear hair, it should be removed.  Applying medicated ear powder will facilitate the removal of the oily, waxy hair located in the ear canal.  Once the medicated powder is applied, the ear hair is gently plucked from surrounding ear canal and in ear canal itself.  Plucking only a very few hairs at a time lessens any discomfort to the dog.  This procedure is followed by an ear cleanser that will medicate and close hair follicles as well as leave a well-cleansed ear.  Dogs with pendant ear flaps and dogs with excessive hair in the external ear canal are particularly liable to suffer from inflammation of the external ear.  An accumulation of wax in the ear often leads to disease.

Why does my dog get mattes when I bathe and brush him/her regularly?

Most people bathe the dogs, then brush while drying.  All de-matting must be done prior to a bath because the very substance of a matte will tighten and thicken during bathing, thus making the task of de-matting almost impossible after the bath.

What can I do to prevent eye stain?

Those breeds with protruding eyes and/or wrinkles need more attention paid to eye care.  Redness, extensive stain, and soreness of discharge usually indicate infection, and should only be treated by a veterinarian.  To remove normal eye stain and clean around the eye area, use a commercial product.  After washing the eye area, remove any accumulated matter from the corners of the eye with a fine tooth comb or your fingers.

What can I do about my doggie’s bad breath?

Check your dog’s teeth for tartar and soreness of gums on a regular basis.  Note such things as bad breath, excessive tartar on the teeth, and inflamed gums.  Neglected teeth and gums can be injurious to the general health and well-being of a dog.

Why do dog’s anal glands need to be emptied?

These glands are situated on each side of the rectum into which they empty through two ducts, each one situated on each side of the anus and emptying into the rectum about three-sixteenths of an inch from the exterior.  When dogs meet they raise their tails and extrude a slight amount of the material contained in the glands.  There are at least a dozen ailments which can cause anal irritation, and sometimes these may be combined to cause the dog great misery.  But the major cause is blockage of the anal glands.  If occlusion occurs, the anal substance becomes foul smelling.  The dog may experience such pain that it delays evacuation.  It may strain without success, and it may rub the anal area along the floor causing further irritation.  In most cases, the groomer can empty the glands without trouble.  Lateral pressure of the anus, between the thumb and forefinger, will empty each gland.  Blockage is more common among dogs which get no exercise, pampered dogs on poor diets, and older dogs.  Once blockage has occurred, it tends to repeat itself.

Do you groom cats too?

Sorry, no.  Unfortunately, the only service we offer to kitties is our Foo Foo Foto session.

Where are you located?

We are located at:  91-896 Makule Road, Ewa Beach, HI 96706.  We are at the corner of Fort Weaver Road and Makule Road, near the Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and 7-Eleven.  You can also check out our Location  page for a Google Map application.

What are your hours of operation?

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri & Sat - 8:00am - 3:00pm
Wed & Sun - closed

Do you require a reservation for grooming?

Walk ins are welcome, but reservations are preferred.

Do you require a reservation for boarding/staycation?

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